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Oct 13, 2020

New Unscreen API: Edit more videos in less time

We’re thrilled to announce that the new Unscreen API is now live, and with that, video background removal will never be the same again. Our new API is available in beta version and can be used by customers with an Unscreen Pro subscription.

What can you do with it?

The Unscreen API helps you scale and automate video background removal. This means that integrating our video background removal AI straight into your app, website, or workflow will save you time and resources that you can later repurpose. All you need are a few lines of code and some basic steps to follow, and you’re good to go.

Get ready!

Before you roll up your sleeves and get to work, you should cross off a few things off your to-do list to ensure that working with our API is a breeze:

How to process a video with the Unscreen API?

Removing video backgrounds with the Unscreen API integration is an easy 3-step process that allows you to:

  • Submit a video for background removal by either using a URL or by uploading a file
  • Submit a webhook URL if you want to get status updates
  • Download the finished result

Output formats

Use the format parameter to choose the Pro Bundle, MP4 Video, or Animated GIF as output formats. Each format has its particularities and can be used in a limited set of circumstances. For instance, MP4 Video requires colored backgrounds but doesn’t support transparent ones.

You can find more information about output formats directly on our API page, or you can check out our latest article where you’ll learn all about output formats and how to add new video backgrounds with Unscreen Pro.

The Unscreen API is still in beta version which means we will continue to make improvements so you can get the best out of it. In the meantime, we’re waiting for your feedback and suggestions. Try out the Unscreen API yourself and share your experience with us.

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